January – Chef’s 5 Vegan New Year Cooking Tips

Are you thinking about going vegan this New Year, or like us are you simply interested in eating more plant based food? With this in mind, we caught up with our Head Chef Jason Bunting to bring you his Vegan New Year Cooking Tips, which will certainly make your heart skip a beet!

1. Keep it simple!

Ditch the cow’s milk and give oat milk a try with your porridge in the mornings. Naturally creamy, sweet, and perfect for smoothies, granola, and much more, oat milk is a great popular dairy-free and vegan-friendly milk substitute.


2. Enjoy a sou- prise!

Soups are hearty and warm; pretty easy to make so you can’t really mess it up, and they tend to be very inexpensive to create, so they’re perfect for those on a budget.

Top tip: Prepare a generous amount, and have leftovers all week long!

Chef Jason’s favourite soup to try this veganaury is: Broccoli, coriander and white miso soup. “For an added earthiness and richness, use coconut butter and coconut cream- Pour into your favourite bowl, grab a spoon, sit back and enjoy – Dreamy!”


3. Spice up your life!

Spices are so important in cooking and can have your taste buds tingling with flavours. One of the best ways to start experimenting with spices is to visit a spice stall at your local market. There you’ll be sure to find not only traditional spices you can get at your supermarket, but also, more interesting and uncommon exotic spices. Spices can make something boring to an exciting and new dish.
Don’t be scared to try.


4. Give soy substitutes a go

Still unsure about ditching meat … Well here are some amazing plant-based meat substitutes!

Made from soybeans, absorbs flavours easily so it’s great for marinating

Textured Vegetable Protein
Who doesn’t love a rich and delicious lasagne?
No need to miss out on meat when you replace it with textured vegetable protein. Made from soy flour, so great for a vegan lasagne.

A delicious tropical fruit that resembles pulled duck, has fast become a popular meat alternative for vegans. Why not take your baked potatoes to new heights by filling them with a sublime jackfruit mix.


5. Give Yourself a Break

Sticking to a new regime can be challenging, particularly at the start. Being vegan does take some getting used to, and if you make a blunder or accidentally consume some of mum’s delicious Sunday roast, give yourself a break. Don’t dwell on your mishap, simply remember to enjoy the overall experience and move on!