February – Wine of the month: Sangiovese di Romagna Armigero Riserva


That’s it folks, we can officially keep calm and carry on! With dry January well and truly over there are plenty of reasons to enjoy a comforting bottle of wine.

Our new wine menu is bursting full of sensational wines, we simply can’t keep it a secret any longer. In our excitement to share, we’ve selected one of our most superb and adored wines, which we guarantee you are going to love too.

First up is…

Right at the top of our list is the delectable Sangiovese di Romagna Armigero Riserva (Italy)



Italy is known for producing some of the world’s best red wines. Perfectly adding extra lustre to Italian cuisine, their delicious red wines offer up variety, quality, and style.

We’ll be first to tell you that Sangiovese di Romagna Armigero Riserva does not disappoint!

Made by family run winery Casa Vinicola Botter, founded in 1928 by Carlo Botter, and now in its third generation. Their focus is very much on innovation through environmentally friendly policies.




So what are the tasting notes?

Deep ruby red in colour with aromas of ripe cherries, dried fruit and spice. This Italian sensation is a must try, refreshingly light and fruity on the palate, easily making it suitable for all occasions.


Vegetarian, Vegan

Suggested food pairings?

As you can expect, Sangiovese pairs effortlessly with Italian dishes and complements tomato based dishes.


Beef, Pasta, Veal & Poultry

Vegan or vegetarian?  This wine works excellently with bean and lentil-based stews, mushrooms or a tasty Sunday lunch aubergine bake.

Alcohol – 13%


All that talk of wine has left us parched! Why not get in touch to discuss the wines available on our wine menu to serve at your next event : events@10unionstreet.co.uk